Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Retinue WIP

Heres a work in progress for my new piece. Generally like where its going but god knows how many hours I spent just getting her face right. Still not sure about it but I'm gonna go with it for now.

Recent stuff

Some recent stuff with line work included. Had a chick theme going on with the guys at work. This is the result :).

Salut amis......aka "my friends made me do it"

So it seems I've decided to start my own art blog (some peer pressure involved here). I've put this off long enough and now I'm gonna make an effort to post a new artwork or two every week just to keep my skills up. I need the practice if I'm ever gonna improve on my artwork.

Also I'm gonna be posting bits of french phrases here and there. Its feels like a gimmick but I figure it could help me get use to the language.

I'll be posting some stuff soon so here goes nothing. Cheers!